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Ingelia Italia SpA is a joint venture between Ingelia SI, a Spanish technology provider, and Manage srl, a business agency. With 10 years of experience in R&D, Ingelia has developed a series of patented technical/plant solutions that have generated real change in the field of residual biomass recovery and use. All types of organic waste, with moisture content up to 90%, can be treated quickly and sustainably. In just 8 hours (thanks to a thermal-chemical process), high-value products can be obtained, mainly biocoal and a concentrate of NPK fertiliser elements.

Proprietary innovative plant solutions (patented and also receiver of multiple awards by the European Commission) make it possible for Ingelia to recover organic waste 200 times faster than traditional facilities of equal capacity, while consuming as little as one tenth of the soil others require, and producing equivalent raw materials that are in demand on the market, at competitive prices. No other recovery technique is equally effective, for any waste category. Ingelia has raised the quality of organic waste recovery (for any type of organic waste) to the highest degree, recovering up to 99% of carbon with the production of equivalent raw materials. These materials include a type of (bio)coal that can be used in all industrial or commercial applications (in lieu of the corresponding fossil-based raw material) – a quality which, being true carbon sequestration, makes it sustainable.

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Our clients are companies that produce steel, tyres, filters, biopolymers, electrodes, solid, liquid and gaseous biofuels, so that they can improve their ecological footprint. In addition, Ingelia recovers all elements from treated organic waste, thereby gaining precious, vital elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron, which are also very useful in agronomy. True biorefineries: Ingelia plants are fully integrated into the circular economy, whose principles can no longer be ignored.

The efficiency of the Ingelia process makes it possible to have plants with a revenue account independent of any type of production incentive. Potential customers can thus create their business plans without having to base their choices on a limited funding cap.

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