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Moonscape works in the computer graphics field (CGI). Our mission statement defines 3 interconnected business areas:
a production department to provide support to businesses and other entities through the creation of visual FX videos and graphics (3D animation, photo-realistic rendering, motion graphics).
a training department, in which we offer CG, motion graphics and game courses designed for those who want to express themselves and work in an engaging industry.
an R&D department, whose goal is to develop and apply new technologies in support of the production and training teams, ensuring that the quality of our services is always on the rise.

Through a young, dynamic team with years of experience in the CG and digital communications industries, with hundreds of commercial projects under their belt, completed for numerous national and international brands.
We believe that the quality of the services we offer is fundamental. The material presented in our courses is developed and enriched upon based on production jobs, so that each subject covered will always be in step with current market needs.

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We focus on serving companies (those seeking effective internal and external communications) and advertising agencies (for the creation of videos directly or for third parties).
Our training courses are aimed at anyone who wants to work in the CG industry and related fields, preparing professional, job-ready employees that meet the actual needs of local businesses and professionals, thereby preventing early withdrawal from school and unemployment.

CGI is strategically important to remaining competitive on the global market. It is used in numerous industries, including cinema, advertising production, architecture, video games, biomedical sciences, 3D printing and other research fields.

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