Progresso Srl

Progresso is an information technology company (database software development, website creation, consultancy and IT services). It was founded with a desire to provide innovative, highly functional products. Our experience with multi-sector companies, both in Italy and abroad, has made it possible to enrich our skill set and provide complete professional consulting and customer assistance services. Teamwork and expertise in developing projects and solutions are our main strengths.

Providing clients with a completely satisfying product is our priority. We offer custom services according to the needs of every company and individual who turns to us. Our communicative approach is based on ‘smart working’, through which we manage and tackle the different obstacles that clients are facing. We are always on the lookout for new communicative and managerial starting points that will spark innovation.

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Our target clients are companies and professionals that need high-quality services in relation to programming, website creation, management software, web and mobile apps, and ICT services. We are here for anyone seeking a custom, highly functional product.

We are passionate about the work we do. Our scope is to provide nothing but the best, from all points of view. Our products are the result of innovative, original, and often inimitable ideas. Originality is our strength. Client satisfaction our goal.

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