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The Big Breath S.r.l. stems from the idea and cooperation between Roberto Landucci and Rosetta Orsi, and its main goal is to develop, enhance and promote the donation system, stimulating altruism.
Currently, one of the major restraints of the donation system is the lack of certainty on the results obtained by the donation itself.
The Big Breath was born with the precise intent of guaranteeing that the resources go exactly where they are supposed to from the very beginning.
The name of the project, The Big Breath – energy balancer – stands to signify that energy is spontaneously taken where it is naturally released to then be conveyed where it is needed.
In this ‘journey’, the community, non-profit organizations and partner shops are the undisputed and active protagonists in a donation system that unites certainty with the pleasure and benefit of walking along this wonderful path of goodwill.

The path offered by The Big Breath is composed of two different phases strictly connected to each other. We speak of an inspiratory phase and an expiratory phase because The Big Breath itself works as an energy balancer that takes energy precisely where it is spontaneously released and conveys where it is needed, thus restoring balance.
The inspiratory phase connects together non-profit organizations, donors, and partner shops through a gaming mechanism that gives life to the most efficient and prompt system in the territory, yielding a great impact.
The aim of gamification is to make the donation system more dynamic and participatory, rendering the process even more captivating and satisfying. The ultimate goal is to provide the user with a wonderful experience that can confer strong emotions, similar to those that would be felt by physically volunteering on-site, in face-to-face situations.
The exhaling phase is the crowdfunding itself. The system is not based on the transfer of money to the designated company/institution, but rather on the delivery of the object/item needed. This is why some partner shops will be selected, one for each area of merchandise, in order to buy the products required directly from them.

For all those people in search of a new model of direct, concrete and clear donation that can combine joy, participation and certainty.
For all those enterprises/companies that want to make their social sensitivity tangible.
For non-profit associations that require concrete help.

To revolutionize the world of donations and to stimulate the diffusion of altruism in a virtuous system, able to connect the community and the companies producing the goods to the recipients of the donations.

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