The Big Breath srl

The Big Breath srl comes from the idea and cooperation between Roberto Landucci e Rosetta Orsi, and its main goal/aim is to develop and give value to the donation system, stimulating altruism.
Nowadays, the donation system is restrained by the lack of certainty about the results gained by the donation itself.
The Big Breath arouse with the intent to guarantee that the directions of the resources go exactly where they were supposed to go since the beginning.
The name of the project, The Big breath, reminds to an energetic balancing and it is connected to the fact that the energy is spontaneously taken where it is naturally released, and only then it will be conveyed where the necessity is.
In this ‘journey’, the undisputed and active protagonists are the community, non- profit organizations and partner shops; moreover, the donation system process is planned to create and make the pleasure and benefit of walking along this wonderful path.

The process offered by The Big Breath is made of two different phases strictly connected one to each other. On one hand there is an inspiratory phase, the big breath itself, that is an energetic balancing taking energy exactly where it is spontaneously left, and later conveyed where it is missing.
On the other hand, there is an inspiratory phase able to connect non-profit organization, partner shops and the crowd thanks to a gaming mechanism; in this way arises the most efficient, prompt and impactful system in the world arises.
The aim of gamification is to make the donation system more dynamics and participatory, rendering the process even more captivating and satisfying. The user will be provided with a wonderful experience, able to give strong emotions similar to those created by the activity of volunteering being present, in face to face situations.
The exhaling phase is the crowdfunding itself. The system is not based on the transfer of money to the assigned company/institution, but on the delivery of the object/item needed. That is why some partner shops will be selected, one for each area, in order to buy the products required directly to them.

For all those people in search of a new model of direct, concrete and clear donation, able to combine both joy and participation to certainty.
For all those enterprises/companies that want to make evident their social sensitivity.
For the non- profit associations that need a concrete help.

To revolutionize the world of donations and to stimulate the spreading of altruism in an honest system, able to connect the community and the enterprises producing all the goods to the recipients of the donations.

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cell. 3405543481  Rosetta
cell. 3296036137  Roberto