In an increasingly globalized, technologically complex and competitive world, innovation is an absolute must for all companies. The process of technological adaptation, however, is often hindered by a lack of human, financial, professional and time resources.

To overcome these difficulties and offer everyone the chance to benefit from an advanced entrepreneurial ecosystem, the Polo Tecnologico Lucchese was established as a veritable innovation hub, creating opportunities for growth and development even for companies who are not part of its business community. How? Through a network of contacts, relationships, services, expertise and experience that:

develop innovative entrepreneurial ventures by allowing them to open an office in the spaces dedicated to incubator or accelerator;
• create commercial and industrial networking opportunities between innovative startup firms and traditional companies in every field;
• encourage financial networking in order to meet potential private investors (business angels, investment funds, etc.);
• facilitate networking and the transfer of technology, connecting businesses with universities and research foundations;
• organize, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca, a rich program of events dedicated to innovation, technology transfer and networking;
• offer companies the chance to take part in system-wide projects and competitions for access to funding for regional, national and European programs.

Additionally, the Polo Tecnologico is an innovative business idea and project scout. Our team of experts facilitates and accelerates the process that turns an idea into a business while consolidating and strengthening the market presence of companies with exceptional development potential.

Nico Cerri – PTL +39 0583.56631
Marta Piacente – CCIAA Lucca +39 0583.976677
Paola Laurenzi – CCIAA Lucca +39 0583.976657