The Polo Tecnologico Lucchese is primarily aimed at Information Technology, Sustainable Construction and Energy Technology business fields.

IT – Information Technology This field covers telecommunications, computers, audio/video technology and all related software that allows users to create, store and exchange information.

Companies: Algol Consulting SrlCentro Sistemi srlClip Comunicare SrlDemcode SrlsElleFree SrlEureka SrlFidi Toscana S.p.A.Fuzzy Marketing SrlGenau SrlIndiana SrlIZi Smart SolutionsLogic Way srlMultiverso – Genau S.r.l.Noi Tv SrlPizero Design SrlQuivi – Synoptica SrlQZR SrlSynoptica SrlTechedge SpaTREE-TOWER SrlVoith Paper Srl

SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION This field includes technology, applications and solutions regarding architectural innovation and sustainable energy for the built environment.

ENERGY TECHNOLOGY This field covers essential renewable and sustainable energy sources and technology. Advances in this sector ensure energy security by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, promoting the use of renewable resources (sun, wind, soil, water and biomass), and reducing energy consumption, thereby curtailing related economic and environmental impact.

Companies: Sol Agency SrlSol Lucet Trading SrlI-NOVV

OTHER SECTORS: special initiatives and projects may foster the establishment of companies involved in different industries, including fashion, footwear, boating, food, and many others.

Companies: Areajob spa Agenzia per il LavoroDirezione Lavoro Group SpaFidi Toscana S.p.A.