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ELLEFREE designed ‘Lfree’: the first symbol to identify lactose-free food and pharmaceutical products. This trademark is registered in Italy, the rest of Europe and in the USA, China, Japan, Australia, San Marino, Switzerland and Norway. Along with the trademark, ELLEFREE has designed with and developed the “Senza Lattosio Fuori Casa” (‘Lactose-Free Outside the Home’) project, helping the lactose-free public confidently dine in various locations (cafes, restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream shops, etc.) that have an understanding of the lactose-free world and offer a selection of products suitable to the needs of lactose-intolerant customers.
ELLEFREE has come up with an innovative method to combine scientific rigour with clear, engaging communications.

The Lfree symbol is truly effective thanks to the Regulations for Use that come with it, used to identify products and/or services suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals. This technical document is an innovative way to illustrate and define the proper minimum prevention standards (based on current scientific knowledge and years of experience in the industry) that a product must possess in order to be defined ‘lactose free’ or be considered a product ‘without lactose, dairy or dairy derivatives’.
Lfree comes in three versions. The first, in light blue, identifies and guarantees that a product contains less than 0.01% residual lactose. Lfree green guarantees that a product contains less than 0.01% lactose (lactose-free) and also ensures the absence of milk protein (traces lower than 0.5 mg/kg). The last version also covers milk/dairy products that can be considered ‘naturally lactose free’ (i.e. products whose residual lactose content is less than 0.01% thanks to their production process).

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Ellefree provides its identifying symbol to companies that produce food products that are lactose-free or lactose-, milk- and milk derivative-free, ensuring the product is safe for those who are lactose intolerant. It also enhances leading Italian brands that export their products abroad, thereby offering them the chance to add value to their made-in-Italy goods.
The symbol can be associated to both food and pharmaceutical products.

Lfree is synonymous with a necessary guarantee for lactose-intolerant customers; it is a decisive, immediate, effective indicator as to the safety and suitability of a product for lactose-free diets.
Our projects are aimed at improving the quality of life of lactose intolerant consumers, raising awareness among the public and in the professional sphere, and increasing the number of diagnoses.

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