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Voith Paper aims to introduce products and services from Voith Digital Solutions (a division of Germany’s Voith AG Group) to the Italian market, with the main mission of generating innovative industrial solutions as part of Industry 4.0.
In the world of paper and energy production, and industrial services in general, those solutions start with ‘conventional’ production automation based on process control systems, quality and maintenance (asset management). Innovation comes into play with the extensive gathering and analysis (via the cloud) of the data processed by those systems, so as to make predictions about key variables and carry out innovative remote services.

Compared to conventional options that are already on the market, Voith Paper continues to innovate, enriching its products with solutions based on IoT technology and Industry 4.0. In terms of paper production, that means solutions presented under the Papermaking 4.0 name, which marks new improvements to the process of creating a sheet of paper through the introduction and use of virtual sensors based on process data (big data) acquisition and elaboration.

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Voith process monitoring and automation solutions make it possible for the end user, i.e. production process managers, to display, inspect and optimise their production processes. The solutions we provide are mainly geared towards the paper manufacturing process and, in this context, make it possible to reduce the use of raw materials, save energy, boost plant productivity and reduce the variability of the finished product.
Clients interested in the solutions offered by Voith Paper are Italian papermaking companies, totalling about 170 production lines to date, distributed throughout Italy and, for a significant number of them, concentrated in the Lucca area.

Because the parent company of Voith Paper specialises in the planning and realisation of paper production facilities, Voith has the experience and the knowledge required to develop models to interpret process data and predict the behaviour of the plant itself during transitions, start-ups and changes in production. The precision of our analysis models, based on Voith’s expertise, constitutes a notable technical advantage compared to the purely statistical models that are beginning to appear on the market.

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