Algol Consulting Srl

Management Consulting
The Algol team provides clients with some of the best consultants on the market: from management consulting to organisational specialists, offering their expertise also on corporate procedures and management control. Professionals who collaborate with the world’s leading associations and business administration schools, carrying out organisational consultation, analysis, business process reengineering (BPR) and change management.

Operational Consulting
Our experts handle the planning and implementation of projects with the goal of ensuring the full compliance of implemented procedures with the desired operational specifications, while complying with pre-established deadlines and costs. Extensively trained in corporate procedures in various fields, our team includes project managers, senior consultants, analysts and product experts.
Application and Technological Consulting
Specializing in next-gen business intelligence tools, our specialised experts (systems engineers, database experts, developers, etc.) use cutting-edge information technology and development tools to install and maintain infrastructure and to create internet/intranet-based portals, workflow procedures and e-business applications.

Communications Consulting
Our communications and marketing office is made up of strategic planners, graphic designers and web developers. Coordinating their skills and expertise with the right balance of creativity and strategy, they consider the unique aspects of each industry and market in order to turn challenges into opportunities. Concrete, tangible and measurable results able to reach new potential leads are the outcome.

In a straightforward manner, sharing goals and strategies with our clients and technological partners.

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We focus on small to medium enterprises (SMEs). We have clients that work in the primary sector of agriculture and food production, industrial processing, mechanics and services.

Because we believe that ethical, sustainable development is the best way to do business and provide our services, aware that today’s market demands speed and reliable partners and solutions. We believe in the combination of experience and innovation.

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