Eureka Srl

EUREKA offers educational projects integrating ‘traditional’ solutions (in-person events, courses, seminars, research publications) with the opportunities offered by new technologies.
The company handles the detailed organisation of events and courses from start to finish. EUREKA also manages all phases of the editorial process, planning content for cross-media distribution. It plans, develops and implements digital and interactive solutions, optimising their use via difference devices.

Since 2001, EUREKA has grouped managerial skills and educational capabilities under one roof to provide simple, integrated marketing and scientific education solutions.
15 years of experience in the healthcare industry have made it possible to organise over 1,000 events throughout Italy.
Qualified in the ongoing healthcare education field as a Standard CME (Continuing Medical Education) provider, EUREKA is qualified to carry out residential, remote, on-the-field and blended training activities.
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures compliance with the planning and management procedures for high-quality continuing education services in medicine, be they in-person or remote, and as a CME Provider.
EUREKA has developed a proprietary portal dedicated to the distribution and provision of educational and informational products and services called Edukarea.
Edukarea is a dynamic platform for the development of a professional community that actively participates in dialogue and the exchange of ideas among users. It is a system that guarantees the quality of certified content and the absolute satisfaction of users.


EUREKA facilitates intellectual and operational partnerships between different players that safeguard public health, offering: 

  • services and products to update healthcare workers as part of contiuing education
  • services and products for research/scientific institutions, enterprises and stakeholders that need qualified partners for their informational and educational activities
  • services and products for industrial organisations that have marketing interests in the healthcare industry



Knowledge is often considered an asset to protect and not to share. In full respect of roles and rules, Eureka offers innovative models for the management of knowledge and the balanced distribution of information using the extraordinary opportunities presented by new technologies. Research, in terms of both culture and technology, is changing everyday life, providing companies like EUREKA chances to grow and interact.




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