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Hastega is a dynamic, enterprising company working in the technology and IT industry. It was founded by a group of university students driven by their passion for the sector, with the precise goal of providing cutting-edge products and services.

Through innovative solutions tied to the use of highly advanced development technologies that also encompass computer-based tools – the strength of the business – in an evolved interaction with users.

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Founded in September 2014, Hastega began promoting the company’s services with two parallel areas of activity: on the one hand, a company capable of delivering complex projects for its clients, ranging from data and content management through a back office cloud to the processing and use of information through Android and iOS mobile apps, and on the other, an enterprise that provides support for innovation and digital development based on next-gen technology for leading software companies and businesses that invest in IT. Our clients are not situated only in Lucca, but also in Pisa, Milan, Palermo and Florence.

Our methodologies are designed to allow our clients to easily and clearly follow along during every step of the project. Ensuring our clients are completely satisfied and able to confidently use their new product is our number one priority.

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Mobile phone: (+39) 338/1039304