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Indiana is a software that allows you to monitor product information of a given brand on several online stores on a daily basis: price, promotional initiatives, positioning in search pages and category pages, availability, compliance of descriptive contents.
At the same time (after an appropriate configuration), Indiana allows you to keep track of this information for competing products and report, through specific alerts:
– promotional initiatives by competitors or particularly significant below-cost on their products;
– the presence of new products potentially competing with those of the Customer Brand.
A system of scores (Key Performance Indexes) allows monitoring both the status of the Brand and its online perception, and to compare the performance of its products with those of the competition. And this takes place both at the national and, more specifically, territorial market level.
A weighted average of the scores (calibrated according to the needs and priorities of the Customer Brand) composes a single score, called the Overall Score which, right from the dashboard, provides an overview of the performance of its products and those of competitors.


Indiana effectively emulates – and with the frequency requested by the Customer – thousands of browsing sessions every day and archives the data collected, allowing human resources to be dedicated to other activities.
An agile management interface allows you to consult the data history and the trend of scores over time, as well as to export the collected data in formats that can also be managed by third-party software for subsequent processing through multi-format reporting.


For BRANDS: national and international companies that entrust the sale of their products to e-commerce platforms and third-party online retailers and want to keep an eye on the situation of their online market at all times.
Indiana collects useful information for marketing departments, product managers, key account managers, but also for e-commerce platforms that want to see how their competitors resell the same products.


To verify at all times that your brand’s online perception is the desired one.
To monitor the respect of the sales policies agreed upon with resellers (example: controlling below-cost).
To check whether the marketing & sales policies established obtain results over time, or if corrections must be made.
To timely identify promotional strategies and the launch of new products by competitors.

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We are available for cognitive meetings, live demos and simulations of use. The software allows numerous customizations based on the needs of the customer and of their market, which can be effectively illustrated in the course of an initial meeting.

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