Quivi – Synoptica Srl

Quivi is a software development and media strategy company founded with the intent of driving selected projects through an enthusiastic and irreverent attitude towards new media perpetrated over years of experience.
Quivi is the ideal web partner to forge an online strategy for new and established businesses. We offer full web support to clients, from the initial stages of the project with market research and analysis, design & UX, all the way through to the development, implementation and daily management of the final product, and then following up with maintenance.

The diversity of each business demands unique projects and solutions in order to attain success. Therefore each Quivi project is tailor-made based on the company’s needs and peculiarities.
Our qualified team members guarantee that the high level demands of our clients are met utilising the best technological innovations available.
We cater to the full project with: market analysis, web hosting, design & UX, website development; SEO & SEM, setting up Google Analytics, creation and management of Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, social media marketing and advertising with campaigns such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads.
We analyse the market and the competitors in order to create a compelling proposition; study data on user engagement to make knowledgeable and profitable decisions; analyse Google Analytics data to gain real valuable insights to understand customer behaviour in order to create effective campaigns.

For all the brands that need help with building their project from scratch and for the ones who need help to improve it, to better their online presence and build their customer base.

Because web is our passion, we have 15 years of experience in the digital world and we aim to give brands the online presence they deserve.

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