Fuzzy Marketing Srl

Fuzzy Marketing is a young company but with over 10 years’ experience in the world of online sales. It works side-by-side with entrepreneurs to create a “Direct-Reply Ecommerce Ecosystem” necessary to increase online revenue, making it a support for the development of the company as a whole. The ultimate goal is the creation of fans of the Partners’ Brands in order to develop and optimize a user base strongly inclined to purchase their products.
Fuzzy means assessing the ways in which purchase decisions take shape in users’ minds so that the marketing work is customized to the greatest extent possible.

• We analyze the online positioning of our customers and that of competitors in order to find the traits that differentiate them and be able to enhance the interest of users towards the former.
• We create or update the e-commerce platform in collaboration with the Shopify partner, through marketing levers necessary to enhance customers’ purchasing experience.
• We sponsor the company on the different social media and search engines, monitoring, together with our partners Facebook and Google, companies’ trends in order to maximize conversions.
• We create retargeting systems so that the acquired customer returns to our customer’s website.

We collaborate with all those businesses that want to sell their products online and have a long-term growth vision for their company’s development.
Today, we are helping producers and wholesalers who are used to working only with B2B and who, thanks to the online possibility, have found a new channel to reach the final customer directly, increasing profitability and finding a new way to grow their business.
We also support entrepreneurs who already have a thriving retail activity but who want to raise their revenues without the need for further investments.

We firmly believe that today, ecommerce can constitute an instrument for companies’ development and recovery. We were born with the desire to create new confidence in those who, in the past, have had unsatisfactory experiences, to those who believe in the world of ecommerce but do not know where to begin, to those who decide to place their trust in experts who have become such because they personally invested in online marketing, too.

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