Techedge Spa

Techedge was founded to help companies successfully and nimbly address the challenges they face, exploiting information technology as a competitive advantage.
We do so by providing business solutions and IT services, which are the result of our distinct ability to combine process knowledge, technological know-how and a spirit of innovation.
The solutions we offer our clients are crafted to transform information and technology into strategic levers for a true competitive edge.
Our IT services are designed to make that competitive edge sustainable over the long term, thanks to the right balance of management and innovation.
The value we bring our clients arises from concrete skills: entrepreneurial vision and delivery capacity. Our approach is based on trust, shared goals and outcomes that generate value. Which is why our clients consider us a true partner.
With more than 1,500 professionals and over 20 offices around the world, we provide clients with the geographic coverage and scalability of a global supplier, the dedication and flexibility of a local partner, and the expertise and dedication of a trusted strategic consultant.

Our company was founded on a different approach to consulting. And still today, after more than 10 years, that approach remains our distinguishing quality. We are global both in terms of geographic coverage and scalability, and in terms of our vision and ability to manage complexity. Yet, we also have maintained the flexibility and dedication that only a local partner can offer, adding the expertise and commitment of a trusted partner. This balance allows us to provide innovative solutions and services in a fast, flexible and reliable manner.

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We work with multinational corporations that are leaders in their industries: fashion, retail, manufacturing and energy to name just a few. They all share the belief that IT is a strategic tool that can be leveraged to gain a competitive edge. Our way of doing things is based on trust, shared goals and relationships that generate value, ensuring that our clients see us as a true partner, rather than a mere supplier. In over 10 years, we have continued to grow with our clients, addressing increasingly strategic challenges along our shared path.

Thanks to our unique position at the intersection of business and IT, with our wide-ranging competencies in tech, business processes and industry, we are able to provide complete support to our clients as they progress in their digital transformation. Our clients can thus draw concrete benefits from the digital world, simplifying and redesigning their business processes according to their specific requirements and opportunities, reaching the goal of true competitive advantage.

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