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We have been leaders in the IT sector in the Lucca area for over 40 years now.
Our team is composed of expert technicians constantly updated on new technologies and always abreast of the evolution in the IT field, in order to guarantee an ample range of innovative services and solutions.
We offer 360° support on hardware and software with quick assistance and development, all the while respecting the highest standards of quality.
Following the acquisition by Basisgroup SpA two years ago, the Company has been further modernised, horizons have broadened, and now Centro Sistemi can present itself to the market with the potential guaranteed by a Group that has over 300 employees.

    We are distributors of Business Cube 2 software, by NTS informatica; an ERP management system perfect for small and medium-sized companies, highly customisable and adaptable to the needs of each individual business sector.
    We cater to both training and consultancy for accounting and administrative aspects, offering our customers complete support for all needs related to the management of the company in the administrative, production, and commercial areas.
    We develop customised software that can be integrated with ERP platforms and websites. We follow the development and updating of Applications for Android and iOS up to publication on the Play Store or App Store.
    Technical assistance is a fundamental element in our work. Our technical department analyses and identifies the solution that best suits customer’s needs.
    We sell products of different brands and models and offer after-sales assistance.
    Updating software, backups, security measures for data protection are foundational measures for safeguarding a company. A set of procedures and tools, designed and consolidated over time, allow us to minimise the risks and times for restoring backups.
    The ASDF Digital Agency creative team constitutes Centro Sistemi’s “touch of colour”. For years, this inventive area has been assisting customers with services and strategies for marketing, communication, brand identity, advertising graphics, web development, e-commerce, and social media.

In our way of working, customer satisfaction and personalisation to meet their needs is a must. We have experience in the IT field and focus constant attention to the innovations in the technological and virtual scenarios, for consistent updating of our internal know-how.

Our target customers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, we are incessantly aiming higher and higher and expanding our horizons.

Because today the market demands reliability, speed and customised solutions.

  1. These are characteristics we possess, and always have.
  2. We can answer these demands, and this is what makes us good at what we do.
  3. Our expertise allows us to be able to answer these demands.

We like to offer our customers innovative solutions, developed thanks to long-standing experience.

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Web: csistemi.it
Tel. 0583 1646291
E-mail: info@csistemi.it

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