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We are an innovative startup that is developing a digital filing system dedicated to Italian real estate property. A software is being developed that will allow you to manage all the documents relative to a property (surveys, energy certifications, floor plans, contracts, renovation documents, etc.). Our CIDI (Carta d’Identità Digitale dell’Immobile – Digital Identity Card of the Property) will become an indispensable tool for the management of your home, also from the point of view of energy saving. In a subsequent phase, CIDI will become an App integrated with home automation, aimed at analyzing electricity consumption habits and suggesting the most correct behaviors. The company is currently collaborating with technical firms and construction companies that work within the Itallian superbonus 110% scheme (thus involved in energy efficiency) with the aim of coordinating contact activities with condominium administrators and providing for the integration of CIDI.

At the moment we are supported by a software house for the development of the software that will see the release in the Beta version within 2021. Our network of collaborators is made up of about 20 technical firms (surveyors, architects, thermotechnicians), 25 construction companies (experts in energy efficiency works) and 25 external collaborators (a sales network, legal consultants, accountants).

Our customers are both property owners and all those who, from a professional point of view, deal in property.

In our country, the home has always been considered the primary asset par excellence. However, an integrated system to handle all the documentation necessary to manage it has never been developed. Smart Building has decided to create this new tool, so that the “salient” moments of the life of a property are no longer a source of stress. Whenever you are faced with the need to buy or renovate a property you have to invest lots of money and lots of time to find everything you need. With our CIDI, everything will be just one click away, without spending large amounts of money or time.

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